Do You Know the Importance of Probiotics?

Did you know that our ancient ancestors regularly consumed fermented foods at nearly every meal? The majority of these fermented foods came in the form of both of fermented vegetables and fermented dairy products. These foods helped strengthen their digestive tract and maximize their nutrient absorption. Additionally, these foods bolstered their immune system and allowed them to fight invading bacteria and viruses more effectively than our current society.

In John Robbins book, Healthy at 100, he studied all the longest lived modern (20th Century) cultures such as the Okinawans in Japan, theVilcabambans in Equador, the Hunzans in India and the Abkhazians in Eastern Europe. All of these cultures consumed fermented foods at every meal and had their own unique fermented raw dairy.

Naturally fermented foods provide a mega-dose of healthy probiotics, enzymes, anti-oxidants and amino acids. They also enhance the bioavailability of the nutrient components of anything they are combined with. Fermented vegetable foods include kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, miso, & horseradish among others. Raw, fermented dairy products from grass-fed cow, goat, or sheep are the most desirable form of living food. They provide easily absorbed forms of cysteine and glutamic acid which are precursors for the formation of glutathione – the bodies best anti-oxidant. They are also a rich source of L-glutamine which the intestinal tissue utilize to form a strong, protective layer and prevent gut infection and leaky gut syndrome.

A probiotic enriched, wholefood diet is one of the best defenses against inflammatory processes that breakdown tissue and cause degenerative conditions and diseases. Many experts agree that 90+% of our society have a dysfunctional balance of gut bacteria. They are slowly inflaming their bodies and building disease. This could be remedied with the addition of high quality fermented foods in their diet.

Do you consume probiotic enriched foods throughout the day? If not, your diet is inadequate and will cause long-term problems.

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