Prenatal and Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Doctor of Chiropractic that is trained in Webster Technique and specialized in chiropractic pediatrics (Licensed by international pediatric association), emphasizes proper neuro-biomechanics of the sacrum and pelvis. Changes in expectant mothers including weight gain, postural adaptations, and hormone changes increase the risk for pelvic discomfort and put them at a higher risk for neuro-biomechanical dysfunction which has been established in obstetrical literature as a source of dystocia (difficult labor). 

Moreover, Chiropractic care can help to promote more regular menstrual cycles and increase uterine function. Care during the pregnancy can increase Mom’s balance, alignment and flexibility. As an added bonus, patients have also reported less morning sickness, which is great for mom, baby, and dad! Mothers who receive chiropractic care throughout their whole pregnancy report less traumatic births as well as easier and shorter labors. They also report well-timed contractions, which help the baby move more easily through the birth canal.

Therefore, its has been deemed prudent for pregnant women to be under regular chiropractic care before, during, and after birth to improve proper neuro-biomechanics.

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