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The owner of this website is ChiroFitLife, Marko Cvetko s.p., who respects your privacy.  


This Privacy Policy describes the types of personal information we collect with your use of this site, the way you use and share data, and your choices regarding our use of data. We also describe the measures to protect information and how you can contact us about our privacy practices.  


By using this site, you consent to our collection, use and storage of your information in the manner described in this policy. If you do not agree with any provision in this policy, please do not provide any personal information on this site.    


Collection and use of personal data  

When visiting our site, we may ask you to provide certain personal information to apply for free news, courses and workshops or at the time of purchase.

This information may include your name, address, telephone number, email address or any other personal information that may be personally identifiable. The transmission of your personal information is voluntary.  


ChiroFitLife, Marko Cvetko s.p. is the sole owner of the data collected on this website and will not sell, distribute or forward it for any other purposes. We will only use your personal information for purposes that are specified when you provide them. By submitting your personal information on this site you consent to their use on your purchase, to notify events, news, services and other attractions.  


ChiroFitLife, Marko Cvetko s.p. carries out procedures and measures for the protection of personal data.    


Change and delete your personal information  

If you want to change or delete your personal information that you have provided through this site, you can unsubscribe yourself at any time by clicking on "unsubscribe" or sending us an email or call us.


Small pieces of information known as "cookies" can be installed on your computer. The only personal information that a "cookie" may contain is the information you provide yourself. If you do not want to receive cookies from our site, you can opt out of the appropriate settings of your Internet browser, or you can disable them. You do not need enabled cookies to use our site.    


Problems or complaints  

If you believe that there has been a violation of this policy, please contact us at We will check the matter, take appropriate action, and respond to you within a reasonable time.    


Privacy Policy Updates  

Privacy policy will be updated without prior warnings. The policy update will be indicated at the bottom of the policy.    


Date of change: ChiroFitLife, Marko Cvetko s.p., May 18th 2018

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